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Shopping Center proposal for perfect location, Rt. 6
Putnam Courier
March 3, 2006

SOUTHEAST - Putnam developer Paul Camarda hopes to reverse the Putnam paradox.

In announcing plans for the 183,000 square-foot. Stateline Retail Centre Monday, Camarda told members of the Southeast Planning Board the 45 acre parcel off Route 6 about one mile from the New York-Connecticut border was the "perfect location. The four mile stretch of state highway from Route 684 to the Danbury border is the most overbuilt road found anywhere in Putnam County. The road is 46 feet wide- wider than Route 84. It carries only 7,000 vehicles a day, as compared to Route 22 - a highway only 24 -feet wide that carries in excess of 25,000 vehicles a day.

Camarda told the board that he had done his smart growth homework. The idea of smart growth is to develop where existing infrastructure is found. The location of Stateline Retail Centre will also reverse the Putnam paradox since the plaza will give residents of Westchester and Connecticut their first opportunity to easily shop in Putnam where for many years, Putnam residents have been shopping in Westchester or Connecticut. The center will result in an economic boon for Putnam County with very limited impact since on the four mile stretch of road there are only about a half dozen single family homes."

Camarda called the location of the proposed plaza "the right place. Stateline Retail Centre will be a great success."

The shopping center will include one major anchor retailer plus several smaller chain stores. Camarda. described his plan as a "medium-sized center. It is about half the size of the Brewster Highlands located off Route 312 and I-84."

Camarda promised that the new site would consist of proper architectural treatment on both front elevations as well as rear viewing. "The proposal encroaches no wetlands, no wet land buffers and doesn't require any zoning variances. It meets the existing zoning criteria for Southeast," he told the planners.

Camarda predicted the center would generate millions of dollars Of sales tax revenue each year for county coffers as well as substantial school tax revenues for the Brewster School District.

Camarda said the construction of the center would result in some 350 construction jobs as well as dozens of permanent full time and part time positions.

The board will now initiate a scoping session and begin the environmental review process.