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Sustainable Developer
The Putnam County Courier
January 27, 2000

Paul Camarda is a developer who is genuinely concerned about Putnam County.

Mr. Camarda's announcement this week that he hopes to construct a shopping mall off I-84 where the Lake Carmel Factory Shoppes had been proposed, was refreshing news.

Mr. Camarda has promised to take a step-by-step procedure by first meeting with Kent officials as well as residents of the area. He has also promised to discuss his plans with environmental groups as the City of
New York.

Mr. Camarda is not looking for controversy or contentious arguments. He has promised to proceed in a "soft and orderly fashion."

Last summer, Konover Property Trust of North Carolina pulled out of the project citing years of legal hassles and resistance by environmentalists as well as neighbors. Proponents of the original plan forecast substantial tax dollars generated but opponents feared the loss of property value and a high crime rate.

Mr. Camarda has promised to sit down with reasonable people and seek reasonable solutions. We commend the developer for his position and hope that a new chopping mall will eventually be located off the interstate which will reverse Putnam's uncanny ability to lose major commercial development as we have all witnessed during the past 35 years.